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Of the routine operations that need to go to more than one government agency is to document the marriage of foreigners in Egypt, where you need to hand over many documents and papers required by the government for the marriage to be formal and recognized and many may have problems in not knowing the conditions To be provided in order to be documented marriage quickly and in a short period of services provided by the best foreign marriage lawyer in Egypt, Professor Hayam Gomaa

Marriage of foreigners in Egypt

The marriage of foreigners in Egypt requires a lot of papers by going to various government agencies to carry out all the necessary procedures and we will provide you with all those papers and documents required and if the most important of these conditions or that the foreign wife of the people of the book, which must be A Muslim woman, Christian or even Jewish, where marriage is strictly prohibited from atheists

The certificate must contain the name of the woman, her religion, and her nationality as well. This certificate proves that the woman is not married at the present time or has never married or even if she is divorced or widow with the date mentioned The divorce or the date of death of the former spouse and that certificate also its mission is to confirm that the country affiliated with that wife does not mind that this marriage
The foreign wife must also submit the certificate of religion and birth certificate as well as the establishment of the wife must be resident and if temporary residence and not available for tourism only
If the foreign party is a man, all the previous papers must also be submitted, but on the condition that the husband is Muslim, since it is forbidden for a Muslim woman to marry any religion other than Islam
An interpreter must be brought to the foreign party. The couple must perform the medical examination and provide it, which indicates that there is no disease that may affect the subsequent reproduction or even a contagious disease.
All papers submitted by the foreign party must be authenticated and authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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